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Calls for tender (Archives 2012)

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Calls for Tender


B-Brussels: Inventory of legal form and shareholding requirements in the EU services sector and their economic assessment


B-Brussels: study on remuneration structures of financial services intermediaries and conflicts of interest


B-Brussels: study on updating and clarifying the list of activities in Annex IV to the Professional Qualifications Directive 2005/36/EC


B-Brussels: a study on SMEs’ access to public procurement markets and aggregation of demand in the EU


B-Brussels: study on the legal framework covering business-to-business unfair trading practices in the retail supply chain


B-Brussels: study on the state of play of the EU parcel market with particular emphasis on e-commerce


B-Brussels: Study on the application of the Cross-Border Mergers Directive


B-Brussels: study on the main developments in the postal sector (2010–2013)

Calls for expressions of interest

Call for applications for participation in a European Commission High Level Advisory Group on business services

Negotiated calls for tender - low value contracts



Expected calls for tenders for low value contracts between 25.000 € and 60.000 €

Contract NamePurposeIndicative time for call for tenderStatus


Gathering of data on the retail market
The Commission is interested in deepening its knowledge and understanding of the retail sector. It intends to launch a call for tenders to get a regular and timely access to a broad range of data of both qualitative and quantitative nature on the retail sector's economic performance, market structures, market functioning and regulatory framework.July 2012

Collection of expressions of interest closed


Study on the ownership of EU domiciled listed companies
The Financial Services User Group (FSUG) is the European Commission advisory group, which provides users' expertise and opinions on financial services policy issues. In the framework of the 2012 FSUG research budget, the group would like to investigate the ownership of the EU domiciled listed companies in order to better understand what shares are held by individual and institutional investors and how this evolved in the last two, three decades. The breakdown of investors could embrace households (individual investors), investment funds, pension funds, insurers as well as other institutions, and the idea would be to create a tool by which the shares of these investors could be measured regularly. It is expected that this data will be very useful for any future policy initiatives of the Commission relating to securities and investments markets, as well as corporate governance.September 2012Collection of expressions of interest closed;

Please Note: This overview is for information only. If you are interested to participate in a DG MARKT's tender procedure for low value contracts, you may email your details to

Your details will be stored in a database for the purpose of tendering only. Inclusion of your contact details does not automatically lead to invitations to tender.