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Previous annual conferences

Conference details including a full conference programme, speakers' PowerPoint presentations, web video of speeches and debates (2011 on).


2014 -Adding value through Internal Audit

  • Internal auditors – The good, the bad or the ugly?
  • Factors contributing to adding value through internal audit
  • The role of the audit committees in bringing added value to internal audit
  • The ideal internal auditor

2013 - Internal Audit – Meeting Stakeholders' Expectations: Assurance and Consulting Services

  • Internal Audit Objectives
  • Stakeholder's view
  • Meeting stakeholders’ expectations – examples of approaches
  • Addressing stakeholders’ expectations – worldwide trends

2012  - Performance Audit by Public Sector Internal Auditors

  • Key players in Performance Management and Performance Measurement
  • Examples of Public Performance Measurement Systems in Financial / non-Financial Areas
  • Common Assessment Framework / Quality Management
  • Project Management as a Strategic Competency to Improve Performance in Public Administrations
  • Balanced scorecard
  • Performance Management in the Commission and of the EU policies
  • Assessment of the Performance of Public Economic Policies
  • Audit of the System of Implementing Cohesion Policy in Slovenia
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Performance Audits in the Public Sector 

2011 - Strategies for Internal Audit Excellence

  • Internal Audit Strategies and Practices
  • Stakeholder Expectations
  • Services and role of IA
  • Internal audit architecture and resourcing models
  • Managing performance of Internal Audit
  • Governance structures and organisational relationships
  • Evolution: Beyond compliance

2010 - External Audit, Internal Audit

  • interaction between external and internal auditing in the public sector
  • featured: a topical presentation by the Auditor General of Nova Scotia on the Canadian province's electoral expenses crisis


2009 - Finding the frontier for internal audit

  • how audit can help prevent fraud
  • internal oversight in the UN and the private sector
  • efficacy of internal audit in alleviating the financial crisis


2008 - Future of internal auditing

  • internal audit trends in the public sector
  • the evolving role of internal audit
  • the role of the audit committee
  • Austrian and UK experiences


2007 - What assurance to expect from internal audit? From piecemeal audits towards an overall audit opinion

  • pros and cons of an overall audit opinion
  • the external auditor's view on an overall opinion


2006 - Less bureaucracy for better control

  • how internal audit can help achieve better control without increasing bureaucracy
  • financial scandals: different reactions in the EU and the US
  • workshop: comparative advantages of the US and EU models


2005 - Internal control - Internal audit: Synergies for good governance

  • case studies from Sweden and France
  • views from a wide range of practising professionals


2003 - Institution-wide risk management and key issues - confronting the internal audit profession

  • institution-wide risk management as a tool in the public sector
  • key leadership issues confronting the internal audit profession


2002 - The search for a single audit concept in Europe 

2001 - "Verstehen"

  • financial management in the EU
  • governance, internal control and risk



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