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3 October 2011

Algirdas Semeta 

Opening speech

Algirdas Šemeta,
Member of the European Commission

Elisabeth MacRae

Internal Audit Capability Model (IA-CM) as tool for going beyond compliance

Elisabeth MacRae,
author of the IA-CM Research
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Internal Audit Strategies and Practices

 Carman Lapointe

Carman Lapointe,
Under-Secretary-General for Internal Oversight Service, UN
Presentationppt(2.78 Mb)

Brian Gray

Brian Gray,
Internal Auditor of the European Commission
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Nataša Prah

Nataša Prah,
Director in the Ministry of Finance of Slovenia
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4 October 2011

 Catherine Day

Stakeholder Expectations

Catherine Day,
Secretary-General of the European Commission


 Services and role of IA ppt(103 kB)

 Klaus Gressenbauer

Klaus Gressenbauer,

Director Directorate Internal Audit of the European Central Bank

Tzvetan Tzvetkov

Tzvetan Tzvetkov,
Vice-President of the National Audit Office of Bulgaria


Ciaran Spillane

Panel discussion:Internal audit architecture and resourcing models ppt(104 kB)

Chair of the panel :
Ciaran Spillane,
Director in the IAS


Agnieszka KazmierczakAgnieszka Kazmierczak,
Director in the IAS
Dr. Adrian Pulham

Dr. Adrian Pulham,
Education and Membership Director in CIPFA (The Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy)

Thierry Rajaobelina

Thierry Rajaobelina,
Deputy Director, Director Internal Audit, OSCE

Diane van Gils

Managing performance of internal audit

Diane van Gils,
PhD in Audit, Louvain School of Management
Presentationppt(672 kB)

Konrad Knedler

Konrad Knedler,
Director, Internal Audit Unit, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development
Presentationppt(262 kB)


Panel discussion:

Governance structures and organisational relationshipsppt(104 kB)

 Edwin Croonen

Edwin Croonen,
Head of IAC in DG RTD and former Vice-chair of Auditnet in the European Commission

 Stephan Roudil

Stephan Roudil,
Senior Internal Auditor, Ministry of Finance, France

 Tea Enting Beijering

Tea Enting Beijering,
Deputy Director Internal Audit, Ministry of Social Affaires of the Netherlands

Christophe Quiévreux

Evolution: Beyond compliance

Christophe Quiévreux,
Member of the Board of The IIA Belgium,  Past President of The IIA Belgium
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Conference room

 Conference room


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