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IAS Conference 25 & 26 October 2010

Session of 25.10.2010

Opening speech
Algirdas Ĺ emeta, Member of the European Commission

Internal audit plus external audit = single audit ?pdf
Prof. Josef Bonnicipdf, Former Member of the European Court of Auditors

Coordination of work between internal and external auditors: best practices
Darius Matuseviciuspdf, Ministry of Finance, Lithuania
Philip Maeyaertpdf, Deloitte Belgium
Manfred Kraffpdf, European Court of Auditors

Quality of Internal Audit (part 1pdf - part 2pdf)
Günther Meggenederpdf, Chairman of the Board, Institute of Internal Auditors

Session of 26.10.2010

Morning session

Auditor Independence pdf
Jacques Lapointepdf, Auditor General of Nova Scotia, Canada

Profiles of external and internal auditors
Presentationpdf byJohn Speedpdf, European Court of Auditors;
Presentationpdf by Hans Nieuwlandspdf, CEO, IIA Nederland;

Cooperation between ECIIA and EUROSAIpdf
Carolyn Dittmeierpdf, Past President of IIA Italy
François-Roger Cazalapdf, Conseiller maître, Cour des comptes, France
Summary of XX INCOSAI 2010 congressdoc(145 kB)
and Johannesburg Accordsdoc(243 kB), reportdoc

Afternoon session

The necessity of performance auditingpdf
Tony Anglerydpdf, Swedish Audit Office
INTOSAI guidance notes:


Auditee's view of relations between external and internal auditpdf
Prosper De Winnepdf, Deputy Director General DG AGRI, European Commission

Audit Committee's view of relations between external and internal auditpdf
Prof. Georges Selim pdf (8 kB), Emeritus Professor, Cass Business School, London, UK

Brian Gray, Moderator of the conference

Conference room

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