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IAS Conference 16 October 2007

2007: Introduction

2007 IAS Conference
16 October 2007

What assurance to expect from internal audit?

From piecemeal audits towards an overall audit opinion


Internal audit is playing an ever increasing role both in private and public organisations. At the same time expectations on the assurance to be provided by internal audit are also becoming more demanding. For his part, the Internal Auditor of the Commission is expected to provide the Commission with an overall audit opinion on internal control systems from the end of the current audit cycle 2007-09.

In the corporate sector, internal audit may also be expected to support management in the preparation of the attestation on internal controls foreseen by the Sarbanes-Oxley act (Section 404).

In this context, the IAS Conference 2007 will offer an opportunity to reflect on the type of overall assurance that can be provided by internal audit, beyond individual audit reports, in a large international entity, whether public or private.

The following issues will be discussed, from the perspective of practitioners coming from the public and private sector:

  • Nature of an overall audit opinion (positive/negative),
  • Added value,
  • Prerequisites (overall management assurance, organisation-wide risk management system, coordinated audit planning),
  • Conditions for mutual reliance of internal auditors at different levels of an organisation and synergies with others auditors (single audit).

The audience will have the opportunity to participate in the discussion, including through voting sessions.

To watch the Conference 2007 please go to Proceedings.


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