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IAS Conference 16 October 2007

Opening speechpdf(12 kB)


Siim Kallas, Vice President of the European Commission



                                                            Morning session
Overall audit opinion: pros and conspdf(4.36 Mb)


Doug J. Andersonpdf(6 kB), Corporate Auditor, Dow Chemical



A "SOX" experiencepdf(2.11 Mb)


Sophie Néron-Bergerpdf(8 kB), Director Corporate Audit Services, Europe, AME, Alcatel Lucent



View of one of the "big four"pdf(2.94 Mb)


Tobias Albrechtpdf(6 kB), Senior Manager Ernst & Young Germany AG


Results of the voting session held in the morningpdf(209 kB)

                                                            Afternoon session
Positive assurance on internal controls: a giant step for internal auditpdf(462 kB)


Carman Lapointe-Youngpdf(6 kB), Auditor General, World Bank

A Member State Experiencepdf(197 kB)


Jeanot de Boerpdf(6 kB), Chief Auditor, Ministry of Finance, The Netherlands

Results of the voting session held in the afternoonpdf

Panel discussion and closing words

From left to right: Tim Crowley, Jeanot de Boer, Carman Lapointe-Young, Walter Deffaa (moderator of the conference), Doug J. Anderson, Sophie Néron-Berger and Tobias Albrecht.


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