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IAS Conference 17 October 2006

Siim Kallas

Vice President of the European Commission

Opening speechpdf(76 kB)

                                                            Plenary session
                                                            Introduction and objectives

Moderator of the Conference: Walter Deffaa

Director General, Internal Audit Service, European Commission

                                                            Workshop 1 


Francisco Merchan Cantos

Director, Internal Audit Service, European Commission


Professor Otto Brodtrickpdf(9 kB): Simplificationpdf(2.78 Mb)

Mc Gill University, Canada

Mr Alain Scribanpdf(7 kB): Let's Simplifypdf(914 kB)

Director, Directorate General for Administration, European Commission

Mr Kalle Kukkpdf(5 kB): Would E-Administration help?pdf(575 kB)

Deputy Secretary General, Ministry of Finance, Estonia

                                                            Workshop 2
                                                            Ethics - Tone at the top


Horst Hünke

Director, Internal Audit Service, European Commission,


Professor Christoph Demmkepdf(6 kB): Ethics, Leadership and Culturepdf(334 kB)

European Institute of public administration, Maastricht

Ms Joyce Drummond Hillpdf(6 kB): Ethics - Internal Audit's Rolepdf(544 kB)

Chairwoman of the IIA Ethics Committee

Mr Hubert Szlaszewskipdf(5 kB): Ethics: From Theory to practicepdf(13 kB)

Director, Secretariat General, European Commission,

Workshop 3

The EU principles approach


Agnieszka Kazmierczak

Principal Adviser, Internal Audit Service, European Commission


Mr Jürgen Tiedjepdf(6 kB): How to combat corporate malpractice?pdf(344 kB)

Head of Unit, DG Internal Market, European Commission

Mr Jacek Sochapdf(5 kB): In a Search for Regulations on Risk Management Internal Control and Internal Auditpdf(1.53 Mb)

Deputy Chairman, PricewaterhouseCoopers , Poland

Mr Paul Marshallpdf(5 kB): Evolution in a large Internal Audit Departmentpdf(2.84 Mb)

Managing Director Internal Audit, UK-Protiviti

Plenary session

Reports from the workshops and discussion


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