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Evaluation Events

Study Workshop: "Trends and Evolution of the EU ICT Research and Deployment Landscape"

21-22 January 2010, Brussels, Belgium

The evaluative study, ‘Trends and Evolution of the EU ICT Research and Deployment Landscape’, was carried out by CESPRI-KITeS of Bocconi University, Italy. It complements earlier evaluation studies by taking one step forward to examine how effectively IST/ICT Research and deployment activities are linked to and exploited in the systems of innovation at regional level. > more

"Using Network Analysis to Assess Systemic Impacts of Research"

05 March 2009, Brussels, Belgium

On March 5, 2009, the European Commission (DG Information Society and Media and DG Research) sponsored a high-level international policy workshop to review the status of leading-edge thinking and practice in using network analysis to assess the systemic impacts of scientific research.  The 19 participants listed in Annex 1 were drawn from the public and private sector research and evaluation communities in Europe and the United States. This report sets out the findings and recommendations of the group. > more


''Evaluation Policy and Evaluation Practice''

5-8 November 2008, Denver, Colorado, USA

This year the American Evaluation Association Conference will be held in Denver, Colorado, USA. The conference is broken down into 41 Topical Strands that examine the field from the vantage point of a particular methodology, context, or issue of interest to the field as well as the Presidential Strand highlighting this year's Presidential Theme of "Evaluation Policy and Evaluation Practice".   > more

''Evaluation in Society: Critical Connections''

4-6 October 2006, London, United Kingdom

The UK Evaluation Society and the European Evaluation Society are collaborating for the first time on the organisation of a major international conference to be held in London on 4-6 October 2006. This joint international conference invites evaluators, commissioners of evaluation and users to reconsider the role of evaluation in democracy, what it contributes to social and public policy and how it reflects and shapes cultures and institutions. > more pdf - 276 KB [276 KB]

“Evaluations in the European Commission”

17 October 2005, Brussels, Belgium

The Internal Evaluation Network of the European Commission is organizing a one-day conference for external consultants. The purpose of this event will be to enhance understanding of our evaluation activities, to explain how to fulfil our requirements and to exchange experiences in the domain of evaluation. > more

“Innovation networks and Knowledge hubs in IST-RTD”

6 October 2005, Brussels, Belgium

The main aim of the workshop is to present participants (from industry, research and academia) with results from CESPRI’s empirical analysis to date, and through discussion and debate with participants validate as far as possible the above results and findings. Discussions will also address important strategy and policy implications. > more

"Assessing Opportunities for ICT to Contribute to Sustainable Development"

20 September 2005, Brussels, Belgium

Exchange of views with major stakeholders from the ICT business community and civil society highlighted consensus on the positive role that ICT can have in all dimensions of sustainable development: in terms of efficient energy and resource use in relation to transport and climate change; and in relation to social equity, notably social inclusion, but recognising the continuing need to address “digital divides”. These conclusions emerged during a stakeholders workshop organized on 20th September 2005 by the Evaluation and Monitoring unit (DG Information Society), in collaboration with the Secretariat General of the European Commission on “Assessing Opportunities for ICT to Contribute to Sustainable Development”. > more

“National Models for Public R&D Evaluation: In Search of Best Practices and Collaborative Opportunities”

30-31 May 2005, Seoul, Korea

The European Commission will actively participate in this workshop, which will focus on evaluation of publicly funded R&D at a systems level.
The workshop is organized and hosted by the Korea Institute of S&T Evaluation and Planning (KISTEP) in cooperation with the Washington Research Evaluation Network (WREN). > more

"Network Analysis - An essential evaluation tool"

22 April 2005, Brussels, Belgium

The main aim of the workshop is to discuss DG INFSO’s strategy for further development of evaluative assessment tools which address the systematic impact of investments in collaborative research and networking including IST deployment activities > more

“Performance Assessment of Public RTD Programmes”

17-18 June 2004, Brussels, Belgium

The European Commission organised this workshop in collaboration with the Washington Research Evaluation Network (WREN), and its aim was to compare experiences, present new ideas and explore ways to allow for sharing and exchange of research evaluation data. The workshop addressed the following major topics:

1. The importance of a proper linking between the technical, socio-economic, and investment objectives (and reflecting this in performance measurement and evaluation) in order to appropriately account for the effects of research on productivity, competitiveness, and growth;

2. The value creation process of world-wide research and technology development networking, collaboration platforms and partnerships which are developed to promote the exchange of new ideas, techniques and methodologies;

3. The standardization of performance and evaluation data among nations that would enable comparisons to be made:

a. The refinement of existing evaluation techniques used to make comparisons (bibliometrics, patent analysis, human resource trends, funding trends, etc.); and

b. The development of promising new evaluation methods that could greatly enhance comparisons (network analysis, systems dynamics, data mining & visualization, real options, etc.) > more

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