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VAST - Reveal the value of your projects.



Public organisations are increasingly managed with constant or diminishing resources and decisions for new investments have to be taken cautiously. Therefore, new ICT projects have to be carefully examined before their launch to strike a balance between their risks and costs and their potential benefits for all stakeholders. Building on existing value assessment methodologies, we propose a new custom-made value assessment tool, which addresses this issue. The tool is tailored to the context of the European Commission and has been tested operationally by its services. Its use helps to identify the value of an ICT project going beyond the traditional financial paradigm and allows cross-comparison between similar projects.

As it has been developed in the public domain, the tool package is freely available for download.


What is VAST?

VAST stands for Value ASsessement Tool.

A successful project today is something more than a project which delivers the expected service or product on time and on budget. This "something more" has a name: it's called value! In the world of public administrations, value has several dimensions and does not only coincide with financial value.

VAST has thus been designed to evaluate and communicate the qualitative and quantitative value of information systems or IT projects.

It analyses five perspectives:

  • Value for the European Union

  • Value for the European Commission

  • Risks

  • Necessity

  • Financial costs and benefits



VAST benefits

  • Demonstrated value and benefits of your information systems and IT projects.

  • Enhanced collaboration between system owner and system supplier team.

  • Complete & concise presentation and enhanced communication from staff members to senior management.

  • Direct focus on fundamental IT Governance principles.

  • A strong basis for portfolio management, comparison and prioritization of new projects.



The tool







- VAST v3.12xls(1.21 Mb)

- VAST guidelinespdf(381 kB)

This tool is distributed by the European Commission under the
EUPL license (for more information see:



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