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Public Procurement - Mission

The "Procurement and Contracts" unit belongs to the Directorate-General for Informatics, Resource and Logistics Directorate.

One of its main tasks is to acquire computer and telecommunications products and services for Commission Directorates-General and departments.

The "Procurement and Contracts" unit also issues invitations to tender on behalf of the administration in Brussels.

With its aim being to serve the Commission Directorates-General, the "Procurement and Contracts" Unit is the contact point for potential and existing suppliers of information and telecommunications technology.

Occupying a central position, this Unit works closely with the other Directorates-General, and coordinates some of its work with other European institutions and agencies.

Its tasks can be summarized as follows:

  • it issues invitations to tender and conducts negotiations, in accordance with the public procurement directives and the internal rules of the Commission;

  • it concludes contracts and monitors their performance, in line with requirements for computer and telecommunications equipment and services;

  • it sees to the financial arrangements relating to computer acquisitions (orders, payments);

  • it provides advice, assistance and information on Commission contracts, products, services and suppliers.

The Informatics DG regularly issues procurement procedures related to the European Commission's IT needs.
Information concerning these procedures is accessible from the links below.

Site visitors are encouraged to consult our Guidebook for tenderers so as to have an understanding of our way of working.

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