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Directorate-General for Informatics (DIGIT)

Mission Statement

DIGIT's mission is to deliver digital services to enable EU policies and to support the Commission's internal administration.

With this goal in mind, DIGIT as trusted partner has the responsibility to:

  • Provide the EC, and whenever appropriate other European Institutions and bodies, with high quality and innovative:
    • Workplace solutions: creating new ways of working and collaboration for staff;
    • Business solutions: delivering information systems supporting rationalised business processes within the framework of the corporate IT Governance strategy;
    • Infrastructure solutions: providing reliable, cost-effective and secure infrastructure and services;
    • Effective solutions: aligning IT investments with business priorities, facilitating relationships with our strategic partners, balancing risk with business value for the Institution
  • Support the modernisation of public administrations by promoting and facilitating interoperability so that European public administrations can work seamlessly together across boundaries – Interoperability solutions

Vision Statement

To transform the Commission through IT
DIGIT's vision is to take on and drive forward the digital leadership role within the Commission. DIGIT must develop and lead the digital transformation of the Institution so that it can deliver EU policy better, more efficiently and more productively, fully seizing the opportunities offered by new technologies.


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    Directorate-General for Informatics (DIGIT)

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    Gertrud Ingestad,

    DIGIT A-Digital Workplace Solutions

    -User services and relationship management
    -Office automation and mobility solutions
    -Innovation, web solution, and tools

    Philippe Van Damme,
    Director (acting)

    DIGIT B-Digital Business Solutions

    -Arch. office, Consultancy, Innovation & Relationship mngt
    -Corp. knowledge & Decision making sol.
    -Corp. HR solutions
    -Corp. financial, procurement & Policy sol.
    -Corp. grant mngt solutions
    -Interoperability sol. for EU public administrations

    Angelo Tosetti (Acting),

    DIGIT C-Digital Infrastructure Solutions

    -Cloud, innovation & relationship management
    -Info. systems deployment solutions
    -Corp. Data center & network solutions
    -User Proximity Services

    Philippe Van Damme,

    DIGIT R-Resources Management & Optimisation

    -Internal coordination, process optimisation & relationship management
    -Human resource management
    -ICT procurement & contract management
    -Budget & Finance

    Bernard Magenhann,

    DIGIT S-IT Security

    -IT Security Policy
    -IT Security Operations




    Ken Ducatel,
  • IT Governance and Communication

    DIGIT 01

    IT Governance and Communication





    Isabelle Krauss,
    Head of Unit