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The Directorate-General Human Resources and Security has a staff of around 800, based mostly in Brussels (almost 700 people), and the rest in Luxembourg.

The essential mission of our Directorate-General is to ensure the Commission runs smoothly by laying down its policies on human resources and security.

This is indeed an ambitious task, since ultimately our goal is to give the people of the Union the high standards of public service they deserve. Such was the rationale behind the transfer, on 1 January 2003, of a number of administrative and auxiliary tasks previously handled by our Directorate-General to four new offices.

The outsourced work consists mainly of everyday personal, such as processing the payroll and running the Commission's various facilities, as well as dealing with staff recruitment. Rationalising our internal activities in this way has freed us to concentrate on formulating the policies that determine the conditions of employment and working environment for the staff of the European civil service.