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  • Commission Civil Service portal
    All you want to know about the Commission Civil Service: who they are, what they do, where they work, what job opportunities are there, etc.
  • Administrative Reform site
    This site provides you with the details of the most radical internal modernisation since the European Commission was established in 1958. The aim was to build a modern public service dedicated to efficiency, transparency and accountability. On 1 st May 2004, the new Staff Regulations entered into force, completing a far-reaching modernisation of the Commission's human resource policy.

  • Buildings policy
    The communication on buildings policy (COM 2007-501 ) adopted by the Commission on September 5, 2007 lays down the guidelines of the Commission in this area.
  • Retirement pension and early retirement
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The rules applicable to Commission staff are set out in the Staff Regulations of officials of the European Communities and conditions of employment of other servants PDF

See also the Rules applicable to national experts on secondment to the Commission