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Retirement pension and early retirement
Frequently asked questions

Who pays for officials' retirement pensions?

All officials are entitled, under certain conditions, to a pension. To that effect, a contribution (currently 11.3%) is withheld from their monthly salary.

What are the conditions that entitle an official to a retirement pension?

  • To have worked for the EU for at least 10 years (the pension is paid only once the official reaches retirement age)
  • To be more than 63 years old (art. 77 of the staff regulations), irrespective of length of service.

What is the maximum amount of the retirement pension?

70% of the last basic salary payment. The official is entitled to 1.90% of the last basic salary payment for each year of service calculated (art. 77 of the staff regulations), i.e. after 10 years of service, an official will be entitled to 19% of his/her last basic salary payment upon reaching retirement age.

At what age can officials retire?

  • a) Automatically, on the last day of the month when they reach the age of 65,
  • b) On request, when they are at least 63 years old (art. 52 of the staff regulations).

    For officials in service on 1 May 2004 (when the new staff regulations took effect) transitional rules apply, including:
    • For officials aged 50 or more, or who had already completed 20 years of service or more on 1 May 2004, retirement age remains 60.
    • For officials aged 30-49 on 1 May 2004, retirement age varies from 60 years and 2 months to 62 years and 8 months (For a detailed table, see art. 22 of Annex XIII of the staff regulations).

Are officials allowed to retire early?

Officials who leave the service before the retirement age (63 - or less for those who were already officials before 1 May 2004), and who are at least 55 years old and have completed 10 years of service, may opt for an early retirement pension. In that case, they lose part of their acquired rights, and their pension is reduced by 3.5% per year of difference between their age at departure and the official retirement age applicable to them. (art. 9 §1 of Annex VIII).

What is early retirement without pension reduction?

On the basis of objective criteria and procedures established by the Commission, the appointing authority may decide, in the interests of the service, not to apply the 3.5% per year reduction for a small percentage of officials.
The total number of officials taking early retirement without any pension reduction may be no more than 10% of the total number of officials taking normal retirement (under art. 52 of the staff regulations) during the previous year (art. 9 §2 of Annex VIII).

How many officials have taken early retirement without pension reduction?

Since 2004, a total of 387 officials have taken early retirement without pension reduction from all the EU institutions. 227 of those were officials and temporary agents working for the Commission. (On average 38 retirements a year for the Commission).

For 2010, 49 cases are expected, following analysis of the interests of the services of the 200 applications submitted throughout the Commission.