Human Resources and Security

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Library Mission statement

To promote excellence in the practice of human resources management and in securing internal security for the European Commission.

Our values and belief statements consist of:

  • A commitment to honest, fair and ethical practice
  • A commitment to providing quality services to our staff, management and stakeholders
  • Provision of an environment that encourages innovation and recognition of accomplishments
  • Leadership in the promotion and development of human resources professionals

In pursuing its mission, Directorate-General Human Resources and Security:

  • sets the human resources framework within which an effective and efficient use of the resources, to optimise the contribution to the Commission’s strategy, can take place;
  • efficiently and effectively delivers human resources services from recruitment to retirement and beyond (covering the whole employment cycle), to the Commission through the human resources core processes;
  • supports the human resources service delivery by professionalizing the human resources function and automating processes;
  • makes sure that quality services are provided to the Institution and their staff in a timely and efficient manner;
  • provides health promotion and education measures for active staff;
  • ensures the safety, security and protection of staff, property, activities and information at all places of employment;
  • collaborates with and coordinates for the other Institutions a number of areas linked to the Staff Regulations;
  • communicates on a timely basis on policies, actions and initiatives of relevance with Commission staff;
  • talks to and coordinates with other external stakeholders.