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The contract notices concern in principle open procedures carried out in one step; but can be sometimes restricted procedures carried out in two phases.
Read the document "Doing business with the European Commission - Tips for potential contractors".

The platform "Ted-eTendering"

As from 1 January 2016, all Procurement documents related to calls for tenders of an estimated value above 135.000€ launched by the DG Human resources and security, on its behalf and on behalf of EPSO, EUSA and PMO, are published on the Official Journal Ted-eTendering platform.
On the plaftorm, you will be able to:

  • download documents,
  • ask questions and find the answers provided by the contracting authorities,
  • register to a specific call for tenders to receive automatic updates and to ask questions. All questions related to the calls for tenders must be placed via the eTendering platform.

Ongoing calls for tenders

Find the links to the documentation of the calls for tenders published at the Official Journal on the platform Ted - eTendering (point "I.3 Communication" of the Contract Notice published for each procedure in the Official Journal (TED).

Title, reference and type of procedure

Publication date in the Official Journal

Contract notice - OJ-S reference

Final date for submission of tenders/requests to participate

Group insurance against accident or death for outside staff and special advisers of the institutions, bodies and agencies of the European Union

PMO/PR/2016/034 - Open procedure

08/09/2016 2016/S 173-310500 10/10/2016

Insurance covering risk of accidents, work-related illness and natural death of civil servants, temporary staff and contract staff at the European Union institutions, bodies and agencies

PMO3/PR/2016/027 – Restricted Procedure
26/08/2016 2016/S 164-294887 22/09/2016

Purchase of X-ray inspection tunnels, walk-through metal detection gates, hand-held detectors and all other accessories

HR/R3/PO/2016/021 - Open procedure
10/08/2016 2016/S 153-276550 09/09/2016

Occupational health, psychological counselling, psychiatry and clinical laboratory technician services for the Medical Service in Ispra

HR/R3/PO/2015/041 - Open procedure
06/08/2016 2016/S 151-272612 14/09/2016

Sickness absence monitoring services (in-house and off-site)

HR/R3/PO/2015/047 - Open procedure

20/07/2016 2016/S 138-249746 19/08/2016
Multiple cascading framework contracts for setting up training courses aimed at developing the general skills of staff employed by the European Union institutions

EPSO/EUSA/PO/2016/001 - Open procedure
16/07/2016 2016/S 136-244009 09/09/2016
Framework service contract "Legal Advisory Services - Brussels and Luxembourg"

HR/R3/PO/2016/011 - Open procedure
06/07/2016 2016/S 128-229215 05/09/2016

Closed calls for tenders

Find the list of DG HR's calls for tenders awarded in the last 6 months.

Title, reference and type of procedure
Contract Notice
OJ-S reference and date

Contract Award Notice
OJ-S reference and date

Support for learning on office automation for IT specialists and in project management (OAPM)

DIGIT/R3/PO/2015/25 - Open procedure

Prior information notice: 2015/S 063-109959


Contract notice: 2016/S 015-021087


Corrigendum: 2016/S 048-079092


2016/S 169-303348


Framework contract for the verification audit of the EMAS environmental management system and the validation of the European Commission's environmental statements for the years 2016–2019

HR/R3/PO/2015/070 - Open procedure

2016/S 050-082089


2016/S 156-281953


Expert medical and dental officer services for the settlement offices of the European Union's joint sickness insurance scheme (RCAM) in Brussels, Luxembourg and Ispra
PMO3/PR/2015/012 - Restricted procedure
Answers to questions of potential candidates - Version 1 - 6/10/2015

2015/S 171-310370

Corrigendum 2015/S 197-355846-


2016/S 146-262833   


Multiple Framework Contracts in cascade for organisational development consultancy services in the EU institutions, bodies and agencies

HR/R3/PO/2015/005 - Open procedure

2016/S 002-001133


2016/S 143-258111

Non-scheduled passenger transport services by air, chartered air-taxi service
Official Journal 
PMO2/PR/2015/049 - Restricted procedure
Answers to questions of potential candidates - Version 3 - 3/11/2015
2015/S 199-360313
Corrigendum: 2015/S 216-393271

2016/S 109-194021


Organisation of language tests for the purpose of validation of knowledge of 3rd language of officials and other servants of the EU at the level B2 of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
EPSO/EUSA/PR/2015/031 – Restricted procedure
Answers to questions of potential candidates -  Version 3: EN - 06/10/2015


2016/S 093-165671

Consultancy services to support learning and development of staff employed by the European Union institutions, bodies and agencies
HR/R3/PR/2015/003 - Restricted procedure
Answers to questions of potential candidates - Version 6 - 26/08/2015 : EN

2015/S 134-246631


2016/S 090-159491


Purchase of a suite of alpha spectrometers comprising in total 72 counting chambers with detectors for the radiotoxicology laboratory of the medical service of Ispra, supply of consumables and omnium maintenance
HR/R3/PR/2014/039 - Restricted procedure

2015/S 197-355845

2016/S 082-144829


Supply and installation of security equipment in the buildings occupied and/or managed by European Commission departments in the Brussels-Capital Region and surrounding area (25-km radius of Brussels)
HR/R3/PR/2014/010 - Restricted procedure

2015/S 037-062223

2016/S 028-044562


Language training for the European Union institutions, bodies and agencies in Brussels and Luxembourg
HR/R3/PR/2014/083 - Restricted procedure

2015/S 108-195072


2016/S 022-034249


Archived calls for tenders
Find the list of DG HR's calls for tenders, awarded more than 6 months ago.

 Title, reference and type of procedure
Contract Notice
OJ-S reference and date

Contract Award Notice
OJ-S reference and date

Belgium-Brussels: Hire of equipment for urine-dipstick and urinary-sediment analyses, all-purpose maintenance, quality controls and reagent supplies
HR/R3/PR/2014/062 - Restricted procedure

2014/S 223-393341


2015/S 253-462336


Provision of credit cards for staff at the European Union institutions, agencies and bodies
PMO2/PR/2014/084 - Restricted procedure

2015/S 103-186532

2015/S 253-462349

Belgium-Brussels: Provision of psychiatry services — medical department — Brussels
HR/R3/PR/2014/054 - Restricted procedure

2014/S 238-418101


2015/S 239-433383


Provision of temporary staff
HR/R3/PR/2014/078 - Restricted procedure

2015/S 095-171729


2015/S 232-421024


Security works, projects and studies for European Commission buildings in Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and Strasbourg, France
HR/R3/PR/2014/016 - Restricted procedure

2015/S 037-062227


2015/S 228-414315


Legal assistance and consultancy services in the field of Luxembourg labour law
HR/R3/PO/2015/040 - Open procedure

2015/S 129-236419



Provision of guard, surveillance, access-control and other related services in buildings occupied and/or managed by European Commission departments in the Brussels-Capital Region and surrounding area
HR/R3/PR/2014/050 - Restricted procedure

2014/S 238-418102


2015/S 178-322649

Framework service contract: civil liability insurance of the operation of the institutions, bodies and agencies of the European Union
PMO8/R3/PR/2014/092 - Restricted procedure
INFORMATION – Cancellation of the procedure
Following information of which the contracting authority recently became aware, in particular regarding the role of economic operators (brokers, insurers, etc.) for the provision of the service requested, the contracting authority has decided to conduct further analysis and to cancel the current procurement procedure. A notice will be published in the Official Journal. A link to this notice will be provided on this website as soon as it is published. Requests to participate that have been received in the meantime will be sent back to the candidates.

2015/S 129-236421


Corrigendum notice
2015/S 153-281585

Supply of security furniture
HR/R3/PR/2014/058 - Restricted procedure

2014/S 237-416233


2015/S 144-265081


Psychological counselling, psychiatry and ophthalmology services for the medical department in Luxembourg
HR/R3/PR/2013/071 - Restricted procedure

2014/S 225-396852


2015/S 133-244630


Public direct contract for the biometric enrolment, data preparation, production, personalisation, delivery, life-cycle management system installation and deployed systems maintenance of the laissez-passer of the European Union
HR/R3/PR/2014/060 - Restricted procedure

2014/S 212-374548


2015/S 133-244631


Services of an occupational psychologist for the 3 institutes of the European Commission, located in Geel (Belgium), Karlsruhe (Germany) and Petten (Netherlands)
HR/R3/PR/2013/070 - Restricted procedure

2014/S 225-396850


2015/S 052-089596


Training for first-response teams in the event of fire and/or evacuation
HR/R3/PR/2014/004 - Restricted procedure

2014/S 214-378231


2015/S 052-089596