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As its name suggests, the Directorate-General Human Resources and Security is responsible for all matters that impact on the Commission's most valuable resource - its staff.

This work breaks down into four broad categories:

Career development Top

Our work in this area involves ensuring that the main planks of the career development system - training, staff appraisal, internal mobility and promotions - are all mutually compatible.

The goal is to ensure that the service provided by the Commission meets the highest standards, commensurate with a European civil service that is at the same time independent, permanent and competent. This requires staff with the requisite qualifications, skills and motivation to execute the work of the Commission. Accordingly, the Commission must be able to offer its staff the sort of career prospects they rightfully expect.
In this connection, the Commission promotes a policy of internal mobility based on allowing our staff to participate in life-long learning throughout their career and so both maximise their potential and enjoy a stimulating working environment.

Rights and obligations Top

Our work in this area includes:

Commission officials who fail to meet their obligations under the Staff Regulations may be subject to disciplinary action. In 2002, the Commission set up a special body - the Investigation and Disciplinary Office - aiming to step up its efforts to prevent misconduct and be able to take prompt action where necessary.

To improve our organisational effectiveness, a number of other portfolios have been placed under the control either of the other Directorates-General or of specially created offices whose role is essentially confined to policy implementation. Our Directorate-General plays a central role in overseeing the application of the rules and thereby ensuring that all action taken is consistent across the whole Commission. In addition to this work, we are responsible for helping the heads of human resources in all the other Directorates-General.

Health and welfare in the workplace Top

This portfolio comprises all the services that the Commission provides for the welfare of its staff - whether still in service or retired - and the enforcement of the standards and directives that guarantee staff a healthy, safe and operational working environment.

A good example of our work in this area was the decision adopted by the Commission on 16 July 2003 to protect its staff from the adverse effects of smoking. As a result, since 1st May 2004, smoking has been officially prohibited in all buildings of the Commission.

Equal opportunities and non discrimination Top

It is one of the Commission's undertakings to uphold the principle of non discrimination and equal opportunities in its own staff policies (recruitment, career development, training, etc.).