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About us

We are the Directorate-General of the European Commission in charge of the policy area known as "Home Affairs". We manage policies that aim at ensuring that all activities necessary and beneficial to the economic, cultural and social growth of the EU may develop in a stable, lawful and secure environment. More specifically, we work to build an open and safer Europe.

Ensuring EU security

We help build a safer Europe by fighting terrorism and organised crime, by promoting police cooperation and by preparing to swiftly respond to emerging crises. Our actions in these areas include stricter rules against illicit trafficking of firearms and on trafficking in human beings, as well as revision of legislation on combating child sexual abuse, sexual exploitation and child pornography. The fight against terrorism and the Internal Security Strategy, strictly linked to the broader European Security Strategy , will continue to be cornerstones of our efforts to make Europe more secure by strengthening cooperation on law enforcement, border management, civil protection and disaster management.

Building a common EU migration and asylum policy

We work to develop a balanced and comprehensive EU migration policy, based on solidarity and responsibility, which - in line with the Europe 2020 strategy - will make an important contribution to the Union's economic development and performance in the longer term. Our aim is to create an EU-wide set of rules for legal migration, while taking into account the interconnection between migration and integration. We also aim to address irregular migration and trafficking in human beings. At the same time, we work to set up a Common European Asylum System, based on solidarity and respect for fundamental rights, to ensure effective protection for the people who need it.

External dimension and funding of the EU home affairs policy

In all these areas, we promote dialogue and cooperation with non-EU countries so that we can work in partnership and jointly tackle common challenges. Our external action contributes to the strengthening of the Union's position as a reliable, active and pragmatic global player, while ensuring the effectiveness of our policies.

Finally, to cater for EU interests, whether concerning migration management or security, financial instruments must be at the level of the Union's ambitions. Sound and effective management of these instruments is an essential component of the Home Affairs policy. We also manage EU financing instruments that support concrete actions in the field of home affairs.

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