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Southern Caucasus

The relationship between the EU and the South Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia) is framed by Partnership and Cooperation Agreements (PCAs). Better management of migration and combating criminal activities remain priorities, supported by EU financial and technical assistance.


 The Mobility Partnership between the EU and Georgia was signed in November 2009 and launched in February 2010. The EU and Armenia signed a Mobility Partnership pdf - 121 KB [121 KB] in 2011. The Mobility Partnership between the EU and Azerbaijan was signed in December 2013.

Visa facilitation and readmission

The EU-Georgia visa facilitation agreement and readmission agreement entered into force in March 2011. Regarding Armenia, the visa facilitation Agreement was signed in December 2012 and the readmission agreement in April 2013. The EU and Azerbaijan signed the visa facilitation agreement in November 2013 and signed the readmission agreement in February 2014.

Increased cooperation

Formal dialogue takes place through annual Cooperation Councils and Cooperation Committees. A Subcommittee on Justice, Freedom and Security has also been established with Georgia (2008), Armenia and Azerbaijan (2010), which is the forum for discussions on Home Affairs.

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Visa facilitation agreement

Agreements between the EU and a non-EU country that facilitate the issuance by an EU State of authorisations to ...


Readmission agreement

International agreement that addresses procedures, on a reciprocal basis, for one State to return non-nationals...



Act by a State accepting the re-entry of an individual (own national, third-country national or stateless person).


Mobility partnership

Provide the overall framework for managing various forms of legal movement between the EU and non-EU ...



The movement of a person or a group of persons, either across an international border (international migration),...



The abuse of power for private gain (in both the public and the private sector).