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Financial Assistance is a major component of EU cooperation with Eastern Partnership countries. Such assistance is provided through an array of instruments, the most important of which is the European Neighborhood Partnership Instrument (ENPI).

Integrated Border Management counts among the flagship initiatives of the Eastern Partnership.Cooperation on border management isfocused on improving security, reducing smuggling andhuman trafficking and facilitating mobility of people acrossnon-EU borders. It is also meant to help partnersapproximate border management rules and adopt best practices in line with EU border management standards. It includes three initiatives:

  • South Caucasus Integrated Border Management (SCIBM) implemented since March 2010 by a consortium led by UNDP. The programme (EUR 6 million) focuses on capacity building and training, with the bulk of activities carried out both at bilateral (Armenia-Georgia and Azerbaijan-Georgia) and national level.
  • a Flagship Initiative Training project on Integrated Border Management (IBM) for Eastern Partnership  started on the 1 January 2011 and is led by ICMPD.  The programme (EUR 2 million) aims to facilitate the movement of persons and goods across borders in the six Eastern partnership countries, while at the same time maintaining secure borders through the enhancement of inter-agency cooperation, bilateral and multi-lateral cooperation among the target countries, EU member states and other international stakeholders (more info on
  • Pilot projects at the borders between partner countries (€5 million)

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