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Cooperation on Home Affairs is one element of the strategic relationship between the EU and Canada, framed by the 2004 EU-Canada Partnership Agenda  [29 KB]. The fight against terrorism and transnational crime, information exchange for law enforcement purposes, border management, visa and migration policies have been the major areas of collaboration over recent years.

Negotiations of a new bilateral agreement on processing Passenger Name Record (PNR) data are on-going. An operational cooperation agreement is also in force between Canada and Europol. The EU and Canada also cooperate in international fora, notably the United Nations and the G8, on the fight against terrorism and transnational crime and on migration-related issues.

Joint informal EU-Canada Consultations on Immigration and Asylum Issues were established in 2007.
Further to a steep increase in the number of unfounded asylum applications in recent years, including from EU citizens, Canada decided in 2012 to address the issue and adopted a new law, "Protecting Canada's Immigration System Act", in view of preventing abuses of its asylum system in the future. For more information: 

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