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Standing Committee on Operational Cooperation on Internal Security (COSI)

COSI is a Council body with a mandate to facilitate, promote and strengthen the coordination of EU States' operational actions in the field of internal security.

Set up

COSI was established on the basis of the Treaty of Lisbon (Art. 71 TFEU ). It consists of high-level officials from EU States' ministries of the interior and of Commission representatives. Eurojust, Europol, Frontex and other relevant bodies may be invited to attend meetings of COSI as observers.


According to the Council Decision setting up COSI, the Committee has the following tasks:

  • to facilitate and ensure effective operational cooperation and coordination in the field of EU internal security
  • to evaluate the general direction and efficiency of operational cooperation
  • to assist the Council in reacting to terrorist attacks or natural or man-made disasters (solidarity clause of Art. 222 TFEU ).

COSI is not involved in conducting operations or preparing legislative acts. The Stockholm Programme calls on COSI to develop, monitor and implement the Internal Security Strategy. The Commission supports its activities to strengthen operational cooperation and coordination of actions between EU States' competent authorities.

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