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Future of Home Affairs

In preparing the Communication on the Post-Stockholm priorities, DG Home Affairs organises and participates in conferences and seminars in order to listen to ideas and to discuss them with interested stakeholders and civil society. Below you can find a list of the events.

High-level conference on the future of Home Affairs
29-30/1/2014 - Brussels

The conference "An Open and Safe Europe – What Next?" aimed at bringing together the ideas developed during the reflection process and the consultation of stakeholders, and at designing policy priorities for an open and safe Europe of the future. It gathered the major stakeholders from the wide spectrum of Home Affairs policies. The conference was hosted by Commissioner Malmström.

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Second Seminar on security-related issues
20/1/2014 - Berlin

A second roundtable took place in Berlin on 20 January 2014 which will focus on organised crime, economic and financial crime and corruption. Among more specific issues, tracking the proceeds of crime, trafficking of human beings and drugs were discussed.

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Hearing on the future of migration and asylum
3/12/2013 - Brussels

Together with the Social Platform, DG Home Affairs organised a "Hearing on the Future of Migration and Asylum in Europe" on 3 December 2013 in Brussels. The focus of the event was put on access to Europe and challenges linked to the entry into EU, on access to rights for migrants as well as on the vision of future migration and asylum policies in Europe.

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First Seminar on security-related issues
25/11/2013 - Rome

A first seminar on security-related issues was organised together with the Security and Defence Agenda (SDA) and the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) on 25 November in Rome. The seminar "The EU and 21st century security threats; preparing for an uncertain future" brought together experts from Member States, EU Institutions and agencies, international organisations, business and think tanks. It focused on terrorism and cybercrime and looked at developing trends and challenges to be addressed by the EU in the coming years.

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External events

In addition to the events organised by DG Home Affairs, issues relating to the future of Home Affairs policies are also discussed by other organisations or institutions. Below you can find information on some of the events.

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