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RAN best practices collection

The RAN best practices collection

In recent years, the processes of radicalisation have greatly evolved. Radicalisation now develops within shorter periods of time and affects a younger and wider audience. It has also clearly become a globalised phenomenon, taking full advantage of the opportunities of the interconnected world.

Meanwhile, terrorist and violent extremist activities themselves have also evolved: they are carried out not only by organised groups but increasingly by smaller groups or even lone actors, who find inspiration in a larger variety of ideologies.

Consequently, terrorist or violent extremist actions are becoming harder to detect and predict by the authorities, requiring earlier intervention and the involvement of a broader spectrum of actors.

This approach has guided the launch of the Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) in September 2011 and inspired the approach developed in the document of the EU Commission “Preventing Radicalisation to terrorism and Violent Extremism: Strengthening the EU’s Response pdf - 103 KB [103 KB] Deutsch (de) français (fr) ”, released in January 2014.

To further support actions proposed in this document, the Commission has also asked the RAN to gather relevant existing practices in the EU in a lively compendium.

This Collection of Approaches, lessons learned and practices presents a set of eight practitioners’ approaches in the field of prevention of radicalisation, each of them illustrated by a number of selected practices and projects.

This document is intended as a practical, evolving and growing tool, where practitioners, first liners and policy makers may:

  • draw inspiration from,
  • find examples adaptable to their local/specific context,
  • and look for counterparts to exchange with about prevention experiences.

It also illustrates the kind of measures that can be taken in the different areas, such as:

  • awareness raising of first line practitioners,
  • greater involvement with communities, families, victims of terrorism or former terrorists,
  • addressing new forms of radicalisation and, more generally,
  • establishing the appropriate framework for comprehensive prevent work.

As a work in progress, the RAN Collection will continuously be adjusted and enhanced with new practices from EU/EEA MS.

Organisations who are working in this field are invited to contact the RAN Secretariat if they believe they have a practice worth sharing in the Collection.