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RAN Steering Committee (SC)

The RAN Steering Committee is chaired by the European Commission and include all working group leaders and the Committee of the Regions. In 2012 the Steering Committee has met three times.

Working group updates

  • RAN Steering Committee reflects on Charlie Hebdo attacks
    The Steering Committee (SC) meeting scheduled on 3 December 2014, was postponed to 21 January 2015. In the light of the recent terrorist attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris, the SC meeting discussed the attack itself, the events that took place in the aftermath, and analysed relevant prevent policies. Furthermore, the SC exchanged plans for RAN activities for April – September 2015, and discussed the update of the Collection of best practices.

Older updates

  • Mid year 3 RAN Steering Committee goes through the state of play
    On 24 September the Steering Committee came together in Brussels to discuss the state of play of all eight working groups, the RAN offers to Member States, and the foreseen deliverables of RAN activities in year 3. The Commission gave an update on the ongoing work and priorities for the upcoming months. Other topics on the agenda were the RAN research proposals for Horizon 2020 and the RAN Collections of promising practices.
  • Steering Committee prepared for the Plenary and HLC
    The RAN Steering Committee came together on 15 May in Brussels. On the agenda were the preparations for the RAN Plenary 2014 (which takes place each year) and the High Level Conference in June (follow up of the Conference which took place in January 2013), the EU Commission’s new financial instrument for CVE project - Internal Security Fund (ISF) “Police” , the EU funding of Research projects under “Horizon 2020” and the nominations for the 3rd edition of the RAN Collection of practices.
  • The RAN Steering Committee came together on 12 February in Brussels to discuss the activities for the third year of RAN, which starts at the end of March. Based on the recently launched Communication, it was discussed that the RAN will have a stronger focus on supporting individual MSs by employing RAN expertise. The main activities of the RAN remain expanding the skills of practitioners and collecting promising practices. Besides that, RAN will work towards delivering concrete outputs, such as conducting a RAN train-the-trainer module, to be tailored in MSs, exit strategies workshops and online counter-narrative videos. With regard to the RAN Collection of Practices, the SC will review all practices in the Collection and new, updated editions of the Collection will be placed online around four times a year. An announcement of this will be made in the RAN Update.
  • The RAN SC came together on 17 October 2013 in Brussels to further discuss the RAN Collection of Promising Practices and to reflect on the updated policy recommendations from the WG’s. Plans and urgent topics for the RAN in the upcoming year were also discussed, as they will feed into the European Commission Communication on Preventing Radicalisation towards Terrorism and Violent Extremism. On 18 October 2013 the SC attended the third and final meeting of MS experts on the Commission Communication. During this meeting the RAN Working Group leaders informed the MS experts on the progress of their Working Groups and answered MS experts’ questions. An introduction to the RAN Collection of Promising Practices was given to the MS experts as one of the concrete deliverables of RAN so far. MS experts were invited to share more practices from their home countries with the RAN to strengthen the Collection.
  • The Steering Committee of the RAN met in Brussels on 25 June 2013. Progress on the preparation of the EU Programme to Prevent Radicalisation into Violent Extremism and Terrorism was discussed for which the RAN recommendations are an important contribution. The outline of the RAN Collection of approaches and practices was discussed and will be further developed to become a web-page on which both practitioners and others can find guidance to support their work. A call was made to collect more practices within RAN on preventing EU citizens to become foreign fighters in Syria and dealing with returnees, since this is a challenging topic for several Member States.
  • On 16 April 2013, the Steering Committee came together in Brussels. The first ideas on the EU programme to address violent extremism and terrorism were presented by the Commission. The Steering Committee discussed the way to collect practices identified by RAN. Special attention was also paid to the topic of foreign fighters in Syria.


The Steering Committee is supported by Omar Ramadan, RAN Secretariat.

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