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Reports, studies, ad-hoc queries and statistics - EMN

The EMN produces a wide range of outputs each year, determined by EMN Work Programmes. An annual EMN Status Report is published each year which reports back on the progress of the EMN in implementing each of the EMN Work Programmes. Country Fact Sheets setting out political and legislative developments in migration and international protection in each Member State and Norway are available, based on Annual Policy Reports produced each year by each EMN NCP.


The EMN also develops up to four Studies in each year, based on topics relevant to policymakers at national and EU levels, to meet both the long-term and short-term needs of policymakers. Short policy briefs, EMN Informs, are published on specific topics, based on information collected by the EMN. Migration and asylum statistics are collected and analysed by the EMN in the context of EMN Studies and Reports, and up to 2009, in the format of an Annual Report on Migration and International Protection Statistics. The EMN also makes available information collected in a short time-frame from all Member States on specific topical issue through the EMN Ad-Hoc Query tool.


All public EMN products are available on this website, and can be accessed via the menu below:

EMN Work Programmes

An Annual Work Programme for the EMN is developed each year and approved by the European Commission. It includes the planned EMN outputs in each year including Study Topics and is developed by the EMN in cooperation with its external stakeholders.


EMN Status Reports

The EMN produces an annual Status Report, reporting on its activities and achievements. The Status Report is disseminated to the European Parliament, the Council, the Commission, the Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions.


EMN Country Fact Sheets

EMN Country Factsheets are updated on an annual basis, from EMN NCP Annual National Policy Reports, and provide succinct information on the most significant political and legislative developments in migration and international protection taking place in the Member States and in Norway, plus the latest migration and international protection statistics.


EMN Annual Policy Reports

The EMN produces yearly Annual Policy Reports, which outline the most significant political and legislative (including EU) developments, as well as public debates in the area of migration and asylum, within the Member States. Since 2009, these also contribute to the Commission’s Annual Reports on Immigration and Asylum, reviewing the progress made in the implementation of asylum and migration policy.


EMN Studies

The EMN also produces Studies, on topics relevant to policymakers at national and EU levels, to meet both long-term and short-terms needs. Study topics are selected from proposals made by individual or groups of EMN NCP(s) and/or the European Commission, based on their relevance to policymaking in the Member States and the Commission and its agencies.


EMN Informs

EMN Informs provide succinct key findings and messages to policymakers on a specific topic based on the results of information gathered and analysed by the EMN, for example, from Reports and Studies, or from Ad-Hoc Queries.


EMN Migration Statistics

The EMN collects the latest available statistics from Member States across a range of migration and asylum themes during its Annual Policy Report update which are available in draft in the first few months of the year following the year to which they relate. These statistics inform the Commission’s Annual Reports on Immigration and Asylum.


EMN Ad-Hoc Queries

EMN Ad-Hoc Queries are a means by which EMN NCPs and the Commission can collect comparative information from each Member States in a relatively short time on a wide range of asylum- and migration-related issues, e.g. legal migration, irregular migration, borders, return, visas etc. The EMN produces compilations of the responses to Ad-Hoc Queries, which rapidly assess the perspective of responding Member States in relation to a specific topic.


Additional tools


Worker (Frontier)

In the EU context, a worker who is employed in the frontier zone of a Member State but who returns each day or at least once a week to the frontier zone of a neighbouring (third-country) in which they reside and of which they are nationals.



In the EU context, a broader-term of an immigration and emigration, i.e. the action by which a person either:



Action by which a person seeks to avoid legal proceedings by not surrendering to the custody of a court.