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qualifications (recognition of foreign)


AT/DE/LU: Quote
BG: квота
CS: kvóta
EE: piirarv
EL: μερίδα / αναλογία / ποσοστό
ES: cuota
FI: kiintiö
FR/BE/LU: quota
GR: μερίδα; αναλογία; ποσοστό
HU: kvóta
IE: cuóta
IT: quota
LT: kvota
LV: kvota
MT: Kwota
NL/BE: quotum
NO: kvote
PL: kwota
PT: quota
RO: cotă
SE: kvot
SI: kvota
SK: kvóta

A quantitative restriction in the migration or asylum context.

Narrower Term: immigration quota

Related Term: managed migration

Many countries establish quotas, or caps, on the number of migrants to be admitted each year.

Source:IOM Glossary on Migration, 2nd ed., 2011

quota refugee

Please see entry for resettled refugee