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For the years 2014-20, the overall Home Affairs budget amounts to EUR 9.26 billion. The largest part of these resources consists of two big Home Affairs Funds and the remainder (EUR 2.36 billion) is reserved for the funding of the Home Affairs Agencies.

With an overall budget of EUR 6.9 billion, the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and the Internal Security Fund will finance actions supporting EU Home Affairs policies in the period 2014-20 and through these actions build a more open and secure Europe.

In the implementation of the actions in the fields of asylum, migration and integration and internal security and borders supported by these two Funds, the Commission will work closely together with EU States. For actions carried out at EU level, the Commission will also directly cooperate with international and civil society organisations via grants and public contracts that are awarded through calls for proposals and procurement procedures respectively. At times, also calls for experts are organised to provide opinions and advice on specific topics.


The Funds provide support to both national and EU level actions through programmes carried out under the “Asylum, Migration and Integration” and “Internal Security” Funds.



We invite interested organisations to compete for our public contracts.


External experts

We call for applications from external experts to assist us in developing sound policies.


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