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The Internationen Project

Immigrants new to the predominantly student city of Lund, Sweden, had struggled to integrate into daily life. The ‘Internationen Project’ tackled this by bringing together Swedish university students and immigrants for an exchange of experiences.

Project dates 01/08/2011 - 30/06/2012
Total budget€115 163
EU contribution75%
Name of the entity managing the projectTAMAM

Project Description

Lund, in Sweden, is a city known for its university and characterised by its lively, but exclusive, student life. The ‘Internationen Project’ aimed to bridge social segregation and to create meeting places where both students and non-students could meet and make new friends and contacts. The particular target groups for the project were Swedish students at Lund University and newly arrived immigrants (including both students at Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) and non-students).

In collaboration with key student organisations, events were arranged to facilitate interaction between the different groups. People who would never have previously crossed paths were brought together in a positive and social environment.

Benefits and results

In less than one year, the ‘Internationen Project’ organised 16 events with approximately 100 participants attending each. The events raised awareness of integration and enabled an exchange of experiences between the Swedish students and the newly arrived immigrants.

Evaluators from MACA (Master in Applied Cultural Analysis, Lund University) said the following about the ‘Internationen Project’: “When people choose to come to Internationen, their lives change. Integration is less of an abstract term, and more of a way of life, not only at Internationen but in daily life.”

This project has created a new environment where newly arrived immigrants and students at the university can meet and socialise; a meeting that would never otherwise have occurred.

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