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VIS Transport – procurement of a vehicle

A new vehicle to transport equipment between harbours has made issuing transit and emergency visas to seamen both faster and easier.

Project dates 01/05/2010 - 01/12/2011
Total budget€55 000
EU contribution50%
Name of the entity managing the projectPolice Authority of Västra Götaland County

Project Description

The EBF funding enabled the Swedish police to purchase mobile equipment for issuing transit and emergency visas to seamen arriving in Swedish harbours. Although the standard equipment is mobile, it is complicated and time-consuming to dismount and set up in different locations. The new vehicle is being used in Västra Götaland County – which has many, dispersed harbours.

Benefits and results

If the police had to install stationary visa equipment in each of Västra Götaland’s harbours, it would be a very expensive operation. The procurement of the vehicle to transport the visa equipment makes it possible to transport the equipment easily and quickly between different harbours, as needed. This simplifies the visa process as the border police can move easily from one harbour to another whenever a ship arrives. The seamen also benefit, as they are no longer required to go to the police station on arrival for their transit or emergency visas.

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