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SPARC: Space Awareness for Critical Infrastructure

SPARC is increasing awareness among the critical infrastructure community of the threats that certain space phenomena can pose to the security of critical infrastructure.

Project dates 01/09/2012 - 28/02/2014
Total budget€570 150
EU contribution90%
Project CoordinatorTelespazio (Italy)
Project partners
  • IFAC – CNR (Institute of Applied Physics ‘Nello Carrara’ – National Research Council) (Italy)
  • iTrust Consulting (Luxembourg)
  • NITEL (National Inter-University Consortium for Transport and Logistics) (Italy)
  • Space Dynamics Services (Italy)
  • Study University of Rome Tor Vergata (Italy)

Project Description

SPARC analyses space phenomena, such as space weather, space debris and asteroids, which orbit near the Earth and could pose a risk to critical infrastructures. The project will primarily focus on satellite failures, but will also consider direct impact on critical infrastructures.

Benefits and results

The project team is creating synergies between space threat communities and critical infrastructure communities, through the analysis of potential threats and their impact on critical infrastructures. The ongoing project expects to add space threats to the all-hazards catalogue of threats for critical infrastructures and to produce a classification of space threats and guidelines for hazard scales for different space phenomena.

Critical infrastructure stakeholders will benefit from the exchange of information and best practice of countermeasure and mitigation strategies, making them more aware of space threats as a source of risk for their assets and services.

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