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Sustainable voluntary return

This joint project between Spain and Bolivia enabled the return and reintegration of 14 Bolivian immigrants, the vast majority of whom are now running businesses that the project helped them to establish.

Project dates 01/01/2010 - 31/08/2010
Total budget€60 000
EU contribution75%
Name of the entity managing the projectACOBE (Asociación de Cooperación Boliva-España)

Project Description

This project sought to ensure that the voluntary return of Bolivians was sustainable by making sure that immigrants had something to return to in their home country. The project began with raising awareness among immigrants of the voluntary return process, and then subsequently advising, guiding, and helping them through the return process.

ACOBE developed personalised business plans and helped implement them in Bolivia on the immigrant’s return to their country of origin. Professional teams, specialised in business implementation, were in place to help in both Spain and Bolivia. These professional teams supported and monitored the immigrants and their new business until they were working at full capacity.

Benefits and results

Some 274 people were informed about the voluntary return project, with 40 people attending 8 group training workshops on sustainable voluntary return. A total of 14 immigrants returned to Bolivia through the project. A total of 11 business plans were developed for the 14 immigrants who returned to Bolivia, ensuring a sustainable return and reintegration for the Bolivians.

This project was deemed very successful as all 11 businesses are now operating at full capacity.

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