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The construction of Razkrižje border crossing point

The construction of a new border crossing point meeting Schengen standards improved working conditions for employees and ensured infrastructure was efficient for passenger and transport management.

Project dates 26/05/2010 - 28/01/2011
Total budget€560 360
EU contribution48%
Name of the entity managing the projectMinistry of Justice and Public Administration

Project Description

Providing effective border control at Slovenia’s Razkrižje border crossing point required new infrastructure and facilities. As well as funding the construction of the crossing point itself, this project established appropriate working conditions for employees, and the infrastructure necessary for passenger and transport management at the border crossing.

During the construction of the new border crossing facilities, border checks were carried out as normal, despite the border crossing area being reduced in size. A key aspect of the project was ensuring crossings could continue as normal. Strong coordination between the construction company, the construction surveillance company, the project manager and employees at the border crossing was therefore built into the project.

Benefits and results

The improved border crossing benefits the whole Schengen area by ensuring the Schengen borders are controlled more effectively. So that the new border crossing point could be constructed in accordance with Schengen standards, the project team had to obtain an operation permit for the new building and ensure appropriate infrastructure for passenger and transport management at the border crossing point.

Adhering to Schengen standards on appropriate working conditions for police officers performing border checks led to improved conditions. The benefits were also felt by the people crossing the border on a daily basis, as the infrastructure for passenger and transport management improved and became significantly more efficient.

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