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Return and reintegration assistance to unsuccessful asylum seekers and irregular migrants from Slovakia to countries of origin (Phase II)

By raising awareness of the assisted voluntary return process, the International Organisation for Migration was able to assist 100 voluntary returns.

Project dates 01/04/2010 - 28/02/2011
Total budget€276 730
EU contribution75%
Name of the entity managing the projectInternational Organisation for Migration (IOM)

Project Description

The IOM recognises that return is a two-phase process. While pre-departure activities are essential, reintegration in the country of origin is no less important. This project therefore approached both stages of the return process, starting with pre-departure counselling in Slovakia and the return of unsuccessful asylum seekers and irregular migrants, and following up with reintegration assistance after return to their countries of origin.

The project also intended to raise awareness of the possibility of assisted voluntary returns, and to develop mechanisms for providing effective reintegration assistance to irregular migrants returned to their countries of origin.

Benefits and results

In less than a year, 25 reintegration schemes were implemented in 6 countries, over 100 assisted voluntary returns took place, and stabilisation support was provided in 100 cases.

As a result of an information campaign, counselling and stabilisation support, the IOM’s target group – as well as the general public as a whole – became familiar with the assisted voluntary return programme. The IOM, as the only stakeholder in the field of assisted voluntary returns in Slovakia, made a particular effort to reach its target audience of unsuccessful asylum seekers and irregular migrants both in person and over the telephone.

Usually, the majority of support in this area goes to forced return operations carried out by the police corps. By presenting the possibility of voluntary return to the target group, this project eased the work of the police corps.

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