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Assistance for children applying for asylum in the accommodation and procedures centres of the Romanian Immigration Office

Over the course of six months, the organisation ‘Save the Children’ fully furnished and equipped five rooms in Romanian reception centres to provide social and psychological counselling to asylum seeker children and facilitate their access to education.

Project dates 24/10/2008 - 31/12/2008
Total budget€189 230
EU contribution75%
Name of the entity managing the projectSave the Children

Project Description

This project improved the reception conditions and facilitated access to education for children seeking asylum in Romanian Immigration Offices in Bucharest, Timisoara, Şomcuta Mare, Radauti, and Galaţi.

Save the Children set up special rooms, fully equipped with furniture, computers and educational materials to improve the children’s stay in the reception centres. These rooms were used for educational and recreational activities, providing social and psychological counselling for children and their families.

As well as counselling, support was provided to facilitate the children’s access to school, social services and medical assistance.

Benefits and results

Save the Children set up five rooms with furniture, carpets, computers, school supplies, and educational materials. A total of 25 asylum seeker children and 5 parents benefited from assistance, with 21 volunteers involved in the activities. Save the Children also produced an informative leaflet to promote a better understanding of the rights of children seeking asylum in Romania.

Save the Children also organised a multicultural camp within the project, bringing together eight asylum seeker children from the five reception centres for three days in Sibiu.

The fully furnished rooms also give the reception centres the opportunity to organise other activities for asylum seekers in the future, in a friendly environment. Since the end of the project, Save The Children has also used the facilities to offer social and educational services to both adults and children seeking asylum.

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