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Training of Border Guard aviation employees

Training Border Guard aviation employees (helicopter pilot candidates, professional pilots, and technical staff) helped strengthen protection and surveillance of the EU’s external border and lay the groundwork for a quick response to border-related security threats.

Project dates 01/03/2009 - 31/12/2010
Total budget€1 100 974
EU contribution75%
Name of the entity managing the projectCommander in Chief of the Border Guard

Project Description

Training employees of the Border Guard Aviation Bureau in Gdańsk, Kętrzyn, Białystok, Chełm and Huwniki was the focus of this project. Helicopter pilot candidates received training to help them pass the Civil Aviation Authority’s exam and obtain a professional helicopter pilot licence. Professional pilots employed by the Border Guard were trained in new skills, such as flying new types of aircrafts and the use of night vision goggles. There was also theoretical training for aviation mechanics and technical staff to improve their general knowledge and technical service.

Benefits and results

This project strengthened the protection and surveillance of the EU’s external border by increasing the mobility of the border authorities. This guaranteed a 24-hour service, allowing pilots 15 minutes to take off after a border violation or threat is detected.

Training in the use of night vision goggles for professional pilots improved the night-time safety of flight operations. The organised training and development of employees’ professional abilities allowed the aviation Border Guard to fill vacant posts and to expand the availability of aircraft crews so that they are able to respond quickly to threats to the security of the EU’s external border.

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