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MOTIA: Modelling Tools for Interdependence Assessment in ICT Systems

MOTIA developed a methodology to analyse and quantify interdependencies between ICT systems and assets.

Project dates 14/04/2010 - 13/04/2012
Total budget€812 000
EU contribution70%
Project CoordinatorENEA – Italian National Agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development (Italy)
Project partners
  • CNR – National Research Council (ITALY)
  • CASPUR – Inter-universities Consortium for Supercomputing Applications for University and Research (ITALY)
  • NAMEX – Nautilus Mediterranean Exchange Point (ITALY)
  • TOP-IX – Torino Piemonte Internet Exchange (ITALY)
  • MIX-IT – Milan Internet Exchange (ITALY)
  • Regione Toscana (ITALY)
  • CNAIPIC – Italian National Anti-Cybercrime Centre for the Protection of Critical Infrastructure (ITALY)
  • DIGITPA (Italian Agency for the Digitalization of Public Administration) (ITALY)

Project Description

ICT systems or assets are interdependent when they depend on the normal functioning of other systems or assets. MOTIA provided methodological tools to analyse and quantify interdependencies in the ICT sector. Previously, a lot of effort had gone into describing the interdependencies at a qualitative level, but few means were available to provide metrics for such dependence.

Benefits and results

The main result of the MOTIA project was the production of a complete methodology to conceptualise, analyse, quantify and validate interdependencies, starting from information provided by the asset owners.

Aside from this methodology, the project also carried out qualitative research on the general problem and the project impact, and introduced new metrics for dependence both at topological and functional level. A world-wide internet analysis performed within the project produced an updated map of the global infrastructure.

Additional tools