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Probabilistic damage-mapping development tools for urban critical infrastructures against terrorist attacks

‘MAPEX’ is developing probabilistic damage-mapping tools which will increase security and preparedness against blast threats around European critical infrastructures.

Project dates 01/09/2012 - 01/09/2014
TopicCIP | Crisis Management
Total budget€330 703
EU contribution90%
Project CoordinatorTecnalia Research and Innovation (Spain)
Project Partners
  • D’Appolonia (Italy)
  • Technical University of Munich (Germany)

Project Description

To avoid vulnerability, ‘MAPEX’ will evaluate the potential effects of a blast on complex urban layouts and then train key agents in the new damage mapping strategies.

Benefits and results

Simplified tools for obtaining, analysing and optimising 3D complex urban environments will make it possible to see the potential for damage to the target critical infrastructure or building and its surrounding area. ‘MAPEX’ would also illustrate the social and economic impacts of the incident. This full picture will enable authorities to put in place more effective crisis management strategies and reduce the impact on both people and physical infrastructure.

As well as increasing security awareness, the results of ‘MAPEX’ will provide information which is useful and valuable in various capacities; for example, crisis management, pre-normative documents, security recommendations and future research.

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