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PARTIR II: Assisted voluntary return for migrants living in vulnerable conditions

PARTIR II provided practical support for the voluntary return of 208 immigrants living in distressing conditions. Through individual return plans, the project also helped 139 migrants reintegrate within their country of origin.

Project dates 01/07/2010 - 30/06/2011
Total budget€1 400 000
EU contribution75%
Name of the entity managing the projectInternational Organisation for Migration

Project Description

Based on experience gained from the original PARTIR I project in 2008, PARTIR II continued to promote the option of assisted voluntary return and reintegration (AVR&R) to eligible migrants living in vulnerable conditions. This included non-EU nationals who were victims of human trafficking and were living in Italy in extremely distressing conditions.

The project supported the beneficiaries with practical assistance throughout the entire return and reintegration process. This included counselling, travel, arrival and reintegration in the country of origin, as well as monitoring of reintegration. The assistance also included an allowance of €400 to cover the migrant’s first expenses on arrival in their country of origin.

Benefits and results

By ensuring an effective return and providing a sustainable reintegration process, PARTIR II helped many vulnerable non-EU nationals who wished to return to their country of origin.

This project assisted the voluntary return of 208 people and supported the reintegration of 139 migrants in their country of origin. The reintegration process was carried out on the basis of an individual return plan, which was moulded to the specific vulnerability and individual characteristics, skills and assets of the migrant. The International Organisation for Migration monitored the effective implementation and success of these individual reintegration plans over the three to six months following the return to their country of origin.

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