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‘Our Italian language’

Nearly 2 000 migrants gained a certificate proving competence in the Italian language shortly after arriving in Italy thanks to this 4 month project.

Project dates 26/02/2010 - 30/06/2010
Total budget€899 890
EU contribution75%
Name of the entity managing the projectUniversità per Starnieri di Perugia

Project Description

Through Italian language training, the ‘Our Italian language’ project sought to make social integration easier for non-EU nationals arriving in Italy. High standards were ensured through the involvement of a national certifying body. By helping newly arrived migrants master the Italian language, this project also improved migrants’ job prospects.

Intercultural mediation activities also improved migrants’ access to Italy’s public services.

Benefits and results

During the 4 month project, 149 language and civil education courses were set up in more than 50 cities in 10 different regions. A total of 2 390 non-EU nationals participated in the courses, with 1 837 of the newly arrived migrants passing the final exam.

The project was considered particularly successful in terms of shared approaches and methodologies, as well as active participation and satisfaction from participants.

This programme was closely linked to the Integration Agreement for non-EU nationals entering Italy, which aims to help migrants integrate fully into Italian society through language and civic education. The agreement involves mutual commitment to integration from both migrants and the state.

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