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Working with refugees and asylum seekers who have experienced sexual violence and other trauma

Training the staff who are required to interact frequently with vulnerable asylum seekers and refugees led to more effective and sensitive assistance, tailored to the migrants’ situation and needs.

Project dates 01/11/2010 - 31/10/2013
Total budget€310 817
EU contribution75%
Name of the entity managing the projectDublin Rape Crisis Centre

Project Description

Coping with sexual violence is already traumatic. When the victims are outside of their own country and away from their support network, the suffering is often even greater. This project helps service providers to work with asylum seekers, refugees and their children, who have experienced sexual violence or other trauma – either directly or indirectly – in an effective and sensitive manner. It builds on a pilot project that was funded under a previous round of the European Refugee Fund.

The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre provides training programmes for the staff of these service providers, whose job requires them to frequently interact with asylum seekers and refugees, such as those working in education, health, and justice.

Benefits and results

The immediate beneficiaries of this project are the staff of the service providers who receive training. They learn about the issues and needs of asylum seekers and refugees, so that they can engage more effectively with them. This clearly leads to benefits for the asylum seekers and refugees themselves, who receive more effective assistance in a sensitive manner from staff who understand their situation and their needs. The project has received a very positive response from participants and demand for places is high. The project offers many learning opportunities in terms of how to mainstream appropriate engagement strategies for asylum seekers, refugees and their children who are victims – directly or indirectly – of sexual violence or other trauma.

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