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AUS!Wege: Begleitung und Unterstützung von freiwilliger Rückkehr

By setting up networks involving German and African organisations, this project helped non-EU nationals integrate when returning voluntarily to their home countries.

Project dates 01/12/2009 - 30/11/2010
Total budget€46 966
EU contribution50%
Name of the entity managing the projectDiakonie Köln

Project Description

Providing advice and support to non-EU nationals wishing to return to their homeland, this project focused on two groups in particular: returnee children and their parents, and those returning to Africa.

The project established networks of international organisations in Africa, short term support for the refugees, and qualifications networks in Germany and the returnees’ home countries. The team also attempted to find work for the returnees. This greatly increased their chances of active reintegration upon return.

A website was also established to provide information on voluntary return.

Benefits and results

The main beneficiaries of this project were children and their parents returning voluntarily to their home countries. Children received support in terms of language and schooling, while awareness was raised among parents of the potential problems that their children could face upon return.

The website proved useful to voluntary returnees in all regions of Germany, as well as information centres and authorities outside of Germany.

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