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Psychological research and model out-patient clinic for refugees

Researchers and therapists worked together to develop a unique form of psychotherapy for vulnerable refugees during this project. During its three-year lifespan, 80 refugees were first examined and then treated.

Project dates 01/01/2008 - 31/12/2010
Total budget€411 886
EU contribution50%
Name of the entity managing the projectUniversity of Konstanz

Project Description

Together with the non-governmental organisation ‘vivo’, Konstanz University’s department for clinical psychology developed concrete methods for psychological diagnosis and therapeutic support for refugees. The focus was on treatment and care for particularly vulnerable refugees.

Benefits and results

The project produced both practical and scientific results. On a scientific level, scientists across the whole of Europe will benefit from this new knowledge. This will feed into ensuring the best standards of care for traumatised refugees in the form of therapy that is both effective and efficient, and in line with the very latest knowledge.

Some 80 refugees were first examined and then treated during the course of the project.

The project results will be made available and disseminated around Germany and the EU.

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