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Voluntary return

By providing financial assistance to migrants voluntarily returning to their country of origin, the French Office of Immigration and Integration was able to provide migrants with the means to establish economic activity in their home country, thereby ensuring that the return was sustainable.

Project dates 01/01/2008 - 01/01/2012
Total budget€34 760 077
EU contribution75%
Name of the entity managing the projectFrench Office of Immigration and Integration (OFII)

Project Description

Voluntary return schemes help migrants living illegally in any country to return to their country of origin. Within this project, the OFII provided financial support to migrants in France in the form of an allowance, and organised their accommodation and flights. By providing a financial incentive for the migrants, the OFII hoped to reduce irregular immigration as well as ensure that the return to their country of origin was sustainable.

The OFII simultaneously raised awareness of the project and the possibilities for migrants in France who may wish to return to their country of origin. Greater awareness led to an increased number of irregular migrants subscribing to the voluntary return process.

Benefits and results

This project has had a positive impact: it facilitated returns on a voluntary basis, ensuring the rights of migrants and initiating both a sustainable return and then reintegration in the individuals’ country of origin. With the financial allowance, migrants were able to establish a new economic activity in their home country.

Collaboration between this project and a reintegration project, also financed by the European Return Fund, ensured that the migrants returned to their country of origin with a project which could make their return sustainable in the medium and long term.

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