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FIU.NET Unlimited – more freedom, more security

A decentralised computer network is helping European countries to fight money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

Project dates 01/11/2012 - 31/12/2013
TopicFinancial Crime
Total budget€4 198 022
EU contribution95%
Project CoordinatorMinistry of Security and Justice (The Netherlands)
Project PartnersThe Financial Intelligence Units of Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, Spain, the United Kingdom
Associate partnersEuropol

Project Description

FIU.NET was launched in 2007. By connecting Financial Intelligence Units (FIU), it enables them to share information while maintaining control over sensitive and classified data. It has already developed from a means to exchange information bilaterally to a secure, multifunctional tool for multilateral information exchange. Information is exchanged at the highest possible level, and the collaboration is secured by collective legislation, which is leading in its field.

The current project is designed to perfect both the FIU.NET tool itself and its use. Ma³tch is the autonomous and anonymous analysis technology that enables FIUs to share information without revealing sensitive information. It is now being extended so that EU-wide and uniform analyses are possible.

Benefits and results

The project will not only boost the capabilities of FIU.NET as a tool, but ensure that it is used correctly and to its full potential.

A ma³tch protocol will set out how the network should be used and exploited, while the production of statistics will be standardised and automated. FIU.NET will also have its data analysis functionality extended.

Finally, this project is building links between FIU.NET and Europol with the goal of promoting synergies.

Through building an instrument that enables Europe’s FIUs to work together as one, the project is creating a virtual EU FIU.

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