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We Talk Football

Over 80 non-EU nationals were involved in information and media activities promoting their involvement in local football life. Ten non-EU nationals were trained as football referees.

Project dates 01/06/2010 - 30/09/2011
Total budget€10 507
EU contribution75%
Name of the entity managing the projectEstonian Football Association

Project Description

By organising activities involving both EU and non-EU citizens in Estonia, the Estonian Football Association helped to integrate non-EU nationals into Estonian society.

The project comprised a range of information and media activities on national and regional football structures, with the aim of promoting the involvement of non-EU nationals in a range of football-related activities, and in local football life in general. By means of joint football referee courses, non-EU nationals were trained alongside Estonian citizens to become professional football referees.

The project was undertaken in Eastern-Virumaa, the border county with Russia, which is the region with the highest percentage of non-EU nationals in Estonia.

Benefits and results

Over the course of the project, a total of 140 people took part in the organised activities, of which 82 where non-EU nationals. More specifically, 72 non-EU nationals took part in the information sessions, and 10 non-EU nationals were trained to become football referees for official or amateur league games.

This project supports the integration of non-EU nationals through sport. Football was chosen as a way in which to integrate non-EU nationals because of its reputation as the world’s most international sport.

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