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DORATHEA: Development of a risk assessment methodology to enhance security awareness in Air Traffic Management

DORATHEA is developing a methodology to assess risk, threat and vulnerability to both new and legacy ATM systems. The aim is to protect European ATM critical infrastructure.

Project dates 01/01/2012 - 31/12/2013
Total budget€572 029
EU contribution70%
Project CoordinatorSESM Scarl (Italy)
Project PartnersGMVIS Skysoft, S.A. (Portugal)

Project Description

ATM security involves protecting ATM assets and services so as to reduce threats and limit any impact on the overall aviation network.

The common methodology under development within this project will provide the basis necessary to implement security measures coherently, to protect ATM critical infrastructure on a European level, and to clearly define the respective responsibilities of all relevant stakeholders. This methodology will be continuously developed and validated through interviews and workshops with key players from industry, Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP) and the National Supervisory Authority (NSA).

Benefits and results

The project team is evaluating the most recent and promising techniques, such as Common Vulnerability Scoring System, to improve risk assessment capabilities.

The methodology developed by this project can also be seen as a common security baseline for all EU ATM systems; it is addressing security issues related to interoperability of both legacy and brand-new ATM systems in Europe, and providing effective guidance to identify protection measures. The methodology will extend while remaining consistent with standards already in use, and will be seen as complementary to new risk assessment methodology delivered within ‘Single European Sky ATM Research’, known more commonly as SESAR.

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