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DEPET: Dissemination all over Europe of Know-how of Privacy Enhancing Technologies

DEPET developed new innovative technology which proved that effective law enforcement can also be privacy-friendly.

Project dates 01/04/2010 - 01/07/2012
TopicPolice Cooperation
Total budget€692 000
EU contribution95%
Project CoordinatorDutch National Police Agency (the Netherlands)

Project Description

Law enforcement technologies have been slow to incorporate new, innovative technologies which are effective and privacy-friendly. The DEPET project analysed the status quo for new technologies and the reasons behind such a slow development. By presenting a new technology, the project demonstrated how effective enforcement, combined with a high level of privacy protection, can be mutually complementary on an EU level.

Benefits and results

DEPET produced an inventory of the current situation in the EU and of the developments that could be expected. This was supported by a questionnaire in 9 EU countries and by interviews with 16 experts from various domains, including data protection authorities, industry, science, and law enforcement.

During the project, a new innovative technology for tracking vehicles was developed and tested in various operational settings. The newly designed software is extremely effective whilst simultaneously offering a higher level of privacy protection than existing technology in this area. The rules of ‘privacy by design’ were followed, meaning that privacy protection was completely built into the software design.

The technology was designed by the project to prove that effective law enforcement technology can also be privacy-friendly, and that it does not necessarily have to implicate an attack on the privacy of EU citizens.

The project created a website to inform law enforcement agencies about the project and allowed them to experiment with the new technology.

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