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New Home IV

Some 206 hours of counselling and assistance were given to vulnerable refugees, and 15 flats were furnished for 24 persons, facilitating smoother integration into their new life in the Czech Republic.

Project dates 01/01/2010 - 31/12/2010
Total budget€24 169
EU contribution75%
Name of the entity managing the project
CountryCzech Republic

Project Description

This project provided recognised refugees with equipment for their accommodation, helping them to feel at ease in their new home and to integrate into their new life in the Czech Republic. The ‘New Home’ project particularly focused on vulnerable refugees, such as single mothers and persons suffering from serious illness.

Social counselling was offered to refugees on issues linked to moving and the change of residence. The professional counselling was offered on an individual basis, allowing the counsellors to adapt the assistance depending on the recipient’s language skills, age and situation.

Benefits and results

By facilitating their move, the ‘New Home’ project provided newly recognised refugees with more time to solve other issues in their lives without the worry of having to find everything they needed for their new home. Over the course of a year, 15 flats were furnished for 24 persons. Where needed, the costs of hiring a removal car were also met by the project.

During the year-long project, some 206 hours of counselling and assistance were given to refugees. This covered advice and help with the change of residence and personal assistance when dealing with, for example, state offices, service providers (gas and electricity companies), registration with the doctor and school registration for children.

Administrative offices also benefited from the project as, due to the practical advice and assistance given to refugees concerning contact with state offices, they had fewer problems when dealing with the non-EU nationals.

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