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Seminars for journalists

Some 250 journalists based in Cyprus received informational material and 74 journalists participated in seminars on immigration issues. The project sought to improve the quality of information on immigration issues channelled through the media.

Project dates 08/03/2010 - 30/06/2010
Total budget€66 700
EU contribution75%
Name of the entity managing the projectInstitute for Social Innovation

Project Description

The training seminars offered to journalists provided information on issues linked to the integration of non-EU nationals in Cyprus, but also equipped the participants with information that would help them improve their professional approach towards the presentation of facts, such as the use of appropriate wording. The seminars targeted journalists from all media – press, television and radio – aiming to provide them with the necessary knowledge in order to improve the accuracy and the quality in general, of information communicated to the public.

Considering that the media is the main channel of information to the public, the wider purpose of these seminars was to improve the quality of information eventually forming the public opinion towards immigrants in Cyprus.

Benefits and results

The number of journalists who benefited from the seminars exceeded expectations by more than 20%, with 74 journalists participating in the various seminars. Some 250 journalists received the informational material, exceeding initial expectations by more than 70%. The media broadcasted 7 programmes concerning the action, 15 relevant articles were published, and 2 manuals were prepared.

The seminars involved an open discussion which allowed the exchange of views between journalists and public officials. Following the project, the Institute for Social Innovation noticed a slight positive shift in the way some immigration issues were presented by the media.

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